Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lamentations of the church militant

Peter receives the Keys from Jesus. St. Peter, Cleveland.
Now, Jesus gave the keys to Peter. Peter was, and is, the vicar of Christ. He is the steward of the Church. A steward tends to the upkeep of property and other duties, he does not possess the property. A good steward serves, this is why the pope signs as the servant of the servants of God. Humility is required. In to-day's Gospel (Luke v), Peter was humble before Jesus after a huge haul of fish came up in the nets. Peter realised, that, he and his comrades were not responsible, but Jesus. Again, and again, Peter recognised who he was, and whom He was.

Jesus also recognised Peter. Jesus invested Peter as his vicar, his substitute, in charge of the Church. Jesus was the Head, Peter his steward, his vicar.

One prerogative of the Vicar of Christ is that he can recall, chastise all other bishops. In Cleveland the ordinary has not acted well as steward, nor as shepherd (pastor). He disregards his flock, and he liquidates its property and disbands communities, causing lamentation upon lamentation.

Lament by Megan Dull
Currently at St. Peter's, Cleveland, there is an art exhibit of parishioners' work on display. Two sculptures, in particular, comment on the situation. One is named, Lament; between three heads tossed back on elongated necks, pivoted beyond human mechanics, there are the 52 parishes cited on 14 March 2009 for extinction, represented on miniature towers. To-day the pastor mentioned the names of the saints that are now de-listed as patrons, and the odd example of Casimir, whom was polish and is now to be lithuanian in Cleveland. The other, more provocative, is Das Leben MMX (Life 2010), in which a crosier has become a spear.
Das Leben MMX by Norbert and Victoria Koehn
Now, while the pastor of Saint Peter was celebrating Mass, the evicted parish of Saint Casimir continued their weekly services. They expected two local councilmen to be there, they were not. A television cameraman and a newspaper photographer also expected them there. The faithful continued, and they will return.

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