Thursday, February 4, 2010

More double standard, this time in the Senate

Al Franken (Democrat) was sworn in as senator, 246 days after his election. The Republican party drug out every anchor imaginable for the delay. Scott Brown (Republican) is set to be sworn in to-day, 16 days after his election. He had said, that, he wanted to be sworn in on the 11th. Now he can cast a vote against Craig Becker for the National Labor Relations Board. Becker is a labor lawyer.

Minnesota had, and has, a Republican governor, Massachusetts has a Democratic governor. Bi-partisanship is like the schoolyard phrasing of rubber and glue, and it is always in the favor of the Republican. The system is rigged. People vote for a majority of Democrats, and the Democrats do not rule. Republicans piss, and bitch, and moan
ad nauseam, and often act without scruples in regard to decorum and law, and get their way. Democracy is de-railed. And the Republicans always vote for the moneyed interests, while the, so called, Democrats often do. The people lose again.

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