Sunday, January 10, 2010

A reminder to those who rule

To-day, the 10th of January 2010 a celebration for the installation of the Cleveland Solidarity Monument for the Fallen of the former Lenin Shipyards occurred at Immaculate Heart of Mary. The monument was to remain permanently at Saint Casimir, but days before Casimir endured its Mass of Eviction, the monument was liberated and now has arrived to a noble exile. One of the plaques on the monument reads, A reminder to those who rule.

A monthly mass will continue to celebrate Solidarity. As is à propos the monument is near the St. Joseph altar. St. Joseph is a patron of workers, and the foster father of Our Lord.

An anchor cross is crucified on each of three tall crosses, a shipyard Calvary.
While Solidarity was bringing a vibrant labor movement to Poland, in the United States Ronnie Reagan was destroying one. Lech Wałęsa would become president, and Reagan's senility would become complete.

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