Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lennon laughed at

To-day, a Mass of Eviction was performed at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Akron, one of the ever dwindling number of hungarian parishes, in the Lennongrad diocese. The 8.30 Mass was followed by a bagpiper, he played well, but piped no piobaireachd lament, no mournful dirge upon the passing of the parish.

Paranoia would be in evidence. The bishop stayed secluded in the sacristy beforehand. The ten o'clock Mass began, and after the Gospel there showed in full earnest the congregation's heart. A score of people stood and sang, in magyarul, their national hymn, followed by several christian hymns. They sang upwards of fifteen minutes, uninterrupted, and received a partial standing ovation.

A very, emotional woman confronted the bishop, and said what she had to say. A few others mentioned audibly, sometimes loudly, the evil he was doing. And a few people left. Then his imperiousness said, "I am not without sensitivity." There followed a sustained guffaw. His cold heartedness ever apparent, he denied, and was not believed. He left the opportunity to be called on, and be mocked, and he was.

His five year programme of planned suppression has met virtually no impedance, as Rome sits idle, and the locals are bogged in a mire of apathy, ignorance, buffaloed acceptance, and despair. He dons a mask of stoicism to disguise overbearing impatience. He conquered a boyhood stutter, and is not appreciative of eloquence or dialogue. If I can be allowed psychological
speculation and latitude, I would opine, the lord bishop would rather command by physical gesture and mannerism and not word.

Earlier a Summit County court decision allowed a sit-in till midnight. The few vigilers were informed that the rule had been amended. After most departed, no additional admittance was permitted, and once leaving thereafter, no re-entry. The ratio of local gendarmerie to vigilers was nearly 1:1. Last Hallowe'en those two tribes had met with many of the same principals in attendance. The
gendarmerie was very comfortable among the bishop's opponents, though they had been 'informed' of fictive troubles in Cleveland.

The bishop's underlings, Jim Armstrong (chief liaison for 'reconfiguration') and Bob Tayek (official spokesman) were uncomfortable. The former emerged combative, the latter impatient to depart, and did so before the unspectacular dénouement.

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