Monday, October 15, 2018

Bayou Benny’s Liberal Lagniappe

I was falling asleep when this aired. Its scene was funny, but i was not getting the lines. I turned the teevee off, and went to bed. I saw some chatter on the internets about it, and then watched it. Now, people were complaining about how horrid the accents were. Y'no, it takes time to practice and learn. With some study, it can be polished on up. Some comments were in the mode: i find this insulting, but funny.  There is Cajun French, and Cajun English in south-central-west Louisiana. It has always been isolated, and not many people are familiar with it. Much of the rest of Louisiana looks down upon it. New Orleans French and English is not the same as Cajun; and northern Louisiana is not even slightly Francophilic.

Now there were the standard Republican comments: "Saturday Night has not been funny for a long time", "the show is too political", "the show should stay away from politics", "Saturday Night Liberal". Bullshit and butt hurt. Saturday Night Live has always had the 'fake news' behind the anchor desk. That has always poked fun at politics. The opening bit is usually current events, and often political. The trouble now is the 'fake comedic news' is more real than official news. 

The trouble for Republicans is that for something to be funny, it has to start with being true. It has to have reality reference, or it is nonsense. The truly unfunny skits are those that are nonsense, often with  risqué features. There was some tendency to push these bits toward the end of the show. What passes for Republican humour is usually mean, or absurd. They are stung by humour from reality. They feel mocked, and if having power they would forbid it, and now they are upset that they cannot yet do so. Humour under the Third Reich was that way. Another stupid comment is along the lines: "no one watches Saturday Night, and it was awful". Well, it has been on NBC since October 11, 1975; and it would not be on if it did not make them satisfactory profit. Also, if someone says, no one watches Saturday Night, and it was awful"; do they not contradict themselves?
Benny was played by Beck Bennett. Now, again reading the comments, people complained he was imitating "Colonel" Harlan Sanders. Sanders had white hair, glasses, was old, and wore a different type of tie. Benny looks a lot more like Tennessee Williams. People complain, and they do not know what they are talking about.
 "We angrier den a box of ghosts what been trapped in dat dare box by a witch!"
The supposed programme sponsor is Antifa.
Benny's unnamed, and silent, best friend graduated cum laude from Tulane University. Alligators anthromorphised are funny, they are like story tale dragons. Another local is a chili pepper with sun glasses. Two guests to the round table were Taylor Swift, and Seth Meyers. I would like to see this skit return and continue, mon chèr.

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