Thursday, May 3, 2018

photographs of abandoned places #17

In the past, the place where a home had been could be found by daffodils. There might be little of the building remaining, but every spring the daffodil bulbs would sprout. Some years ago, people lived on Forestwood, Midvale, and nearby off of Rocky River Drive Cleveland.
Aeroplanes would fly over the treetops, hundreds per day. Since then the aeroport has been less busy, but the flight paths are the same. The houses were removed, as well as the telephone poles, and other. Some trees remained, some driveway aprons and sidewalks remained. The driveways, and buildings are gone.
Some years ago, i drove by and saw the aprons and the flowers. There were few daffodils to be found to-day [supra muscari, and tulip leaves can be seen]. I think the lawns were sprayed and killed most of the spring bulbs. Dandelions replanted themselves.

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