Friday, June 17, 2016

cracking art collective

A collective of Milanese artists have installed invasions of recyclable animals hundreds of times since 1983. 'Cracking' is the name of the beginning process of transforming petroleum to plastic. This is public art, fun public art. like the Free Stamp, and the Chinese zodiac animals about town. It is a public and aesthetic statement. The world is becoming more artificial, and nature has been disturbed. When the installations are done, the figures are melted down to be used again.

Cleveland's consignment is an hundred each of wolves, meerkats, and frogs; 16 large swallows, 10 large snails, and 50 small snails. Eventually a red elephant will appear. Some have been placed at the Main Library, and the rest are visiting the Science Museum downtown by the lake. They had also been planned on the two malls, and Public Square; but Republicans and construction have delayed that.

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