Thursday, February 25, 2016

the crazy returns

Well, last time she (Nancy Sysack) put up a series of Johnny Manziel portraits. The final one obscene. I have photographed several of her, and her deceased brother's signs. This paranoid in political thought has a public outlet. These conspiracy enthusiasts are often incoherent, and inconsistent. But they have a national audience. Some of the millions are Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Lyndon Larouche fanatics, and of course there are the many beyond coo-coo radio mouthfoamers.

Earlier, Obama was a pawn of the British monarch [click]. Now he is a puppet of George Soros, and for added measure   Saul Alinsky, two bogeymen of the Republican/conservatives/American fascists. The negro issue is a constant thorn. Consistency, again is not there. There are traces in this condensed screed of anti-semitism, but it is a fascism that denounces Hitler, while finding treasonous scapegoats which Hitler employed to gain power. But Obama is the Hitler figure, and he will complete his scheme in less than eleven months? Civil disobedience is rioting to have local police replaced with Obama's police? All the money funding Republicans is not a problem to be mentioned. Police brutality does not exist, and would not be a reason to protest.

For asinine a sign writer, one would think some proofreading would be considered: American Civil Lifeties Union, infact, England broke, tenticles, Nazi's (plural), idiology

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