Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Concord Casimir Forecasts a Sloppy Winter

Yesterday, i saw a couple of television weathermen upset with attention given to woodchucks. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  The groundhog is not the only pretender attempting to foretell the weather.

 Concord Casimir Forecasts a Sloppy Winter Still Ahead-by John Niedzialek

   Under mild conditions, Concord Casimir made his official weather prognostication Monday 12 Noon at Ellison Creek Knob in Concord, Ohio. Casimir says don’t put your galoshes away yet, looks a sloppy remainder of the winter, states John Niedzialek, Master of Ceremonies.  Casimir did not see his shadow and his pre-forecast meal tells us all we need to know.  Casimir, the Polish Prince of felines always feasts on sour cream topping over pierogis before his forecast each year and sloppy is the word as he devoured his meal this year is notably sloppy fashion. It’s kind of a tradition for him states Niedzialek, just like a pre-game meal before the Super Bowl. That can only mean one thing and that is we will be having a mixed bag of rain and snow with extreme sloppy conditions for the remaining part of winter, states Niedzialek. “Contrary to popular myth spread by a burrowing animal in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the sun’s shadow on such a beast is not a very accurate predictor of weather.  They have had it all backwards over there in Pennsylvania,” says Niedzialek and their record shows it. There’s more to weather forecasting than just checking on your shadow. “Casimir was right on the money last year with his forecast of a tough winter and you can take this year’s forecast to the bank,” states Niedzialek

   Casimir was found abandoned as a kitten on the footsteps of St. Casimir Polish Church on Cleveland’s East side at what many are now calling “Cleveland’s Miraculous Polish Church.”  Against all odds, St. Casimir’s church reopened on July 15, 2012. By more than strange coincidence, Casimir was born exactly one year later on July 15, says Niedzialek. There are always a few hecklers out there but his track record is flawless.

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