Friday, November 18, 2016

November in the gardens

Thursday afternoon the temperature was in the 60s Fahrenheit and sunny. Such a day in the second half of November near the southern shore of the Great Lakes are somewhat rare. The meteorological polling has forecasted Saturday to be a blustery, snowy day. This season the trees have retained many of their leaves, and some in good color.  More than one teevee weatherman suggests such a day is an opportunity to walk your hound. So we did in Rockefeller Park.

The Cultural Gardens are a great place. The city had workmen taking care of the grounds. Crossing MLK Blvd., even at the signaling crosswalks, is not safe. People speed, and  many give no thought of pedestrians. I am surprised that reports of people run over have not been made. Not too many people enjoy walking the gardens. The few times i go, i see few people.

The years around 1970 saw much vandalism and theft. Bronze busts were not safe. Here in the Slovene Garden is a painted plaster bust of the poet Ivan Zorman. The cracking pattern is interesting.
The Latvian Garden has some abstract cut rock. One has a man sized opening, which gives chances to foto.

The Croat Garden has an important statue, by a local sculptor, Joseph Turkaly. It is of an Immigrant Mother with children.

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