Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 Miscellany #6

On occasion, i sift through fotos i have taken and throw up a few in a miscellany. Supra is a portrait, yes a portrait, of a gorilla residing at the Cleveland Zoo. For morning meal, leaves were slowly plucked from these branches. Animals have faces, and expressions on those faces, and the eyes capture and comprehend. There is a mental, sensual, emotional life going on behind those eyes.

Earlier this year in Cincinnati, a gorilla, Harambe was killed by staff. In Cleveland's zoo, a chalkboard for public use was placed by the Cat and Ape Building. Someone had written 'Harambe'. Harambe became a mocking item on the internet. Cincinnati Zoo is very defensive about the incident, since a three year old boy was involved.
This is a shot i like to take, there is both a diagonal and a reflection. The former St. Mary Romanian Orthodox church dome is seen in a new set of windows in the parish hall. The campus is part of Cleveland Public Theater.
On the side of an art gallery, next to a Carnegie Library, is a Cleveland sports town version of Andy Warhol's use of a most common soup can.
This is a very active dog, i have seen before, he can pose for a moment, but is generally very mobile when i have seen him. Yesterday, he was running the length of the porch and jumping to the roof, and back to the porch. As i heard the shutter click, he was moving.

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