Thursday, November 5, 2015

the steps are a success

A few days ago an addition to Lakewood park was opened up. Concrete blocks were landscaped into a reclaimed slope looking out on Lake Erie. It is both serene and social. One can look upon the waters, and what may be visible on the waters. One can sit and read, or chat with a friend or friends, or have a family picnic. Here are fotos from Wednesday and Thursday. People come to take pictures, to be out with their dogs. Kids race up and down the blocks.

Of course weather will dictate activity. Monday through Thursday of this week has had remarkably mild weather. Thursday was a new record high, Wednesday a degree short. In this weather there is peaceful congregating. The blocks are like those on a pyramid or a mastaba. You climb or sit.

The place is a great public space.  It is also a monument.  It is already functioning as a public square park, but without traffic or commerce to spoil it. People come to spend an hour after work or school, and watch the last minutes of the day.

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