Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lake County Ohio

Squire's 'Castle' was built in 1895-7 and was meant to be the gatehouse of the oil tycoon Feargus Squire's estate in Willoughby Hills. He was part of the empire of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. The property is now part of North Chagrin Metropark. The stone was bluestone (sandstone containing feldspar) quarried nearby. For a time the building was vandalised, the shell of the building has been stabilised.
 totem pole, Eastlake
 Painesville War Monument
 Willoughby war monument for the Preservation of the Union
 Lighthouse at Mentor Headlands at the mouth of Grand River
 Richard L. Parsons. Mindladders. Lakeland Community College. 1994.
 Mormon Temple Kirtland
Built from 1833 to 1836 under direction of Joseph Smith Junior. By 1838 his bank failed, and he fled the state. During that short time this was the center of Mormonism. As long as the building exists fringe members will have ideas. Jeffrey Lundgren (former tour guide) killed five people in his Mormon cult in 1989. Steve LaTourette as prosecuting attorney used the trial for publicity, and later became congressman.

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