Monday, September 21, 2015

bad character walks off the stage

 during this weekend there was a chalk festival at Cleveland Art Museum

We have another update, within the hour, the official announcement is to be made. [click] Walker, one of the two most odious of candidates [Cruz being the other] is out. What he did to Wisconsin, he will not do to the entire country.

☐ John (Jeb) Bush
☐ Ben Carson
☐ Chris Christie
☐ Rafael (Ted) Cruz
☐ Carly Fiorina (née Cara Carleton Sneed)

☐ Jim Gilmore
☐ Lindsey Graham
☐ Mike Huckabee
☐ Piyush (Bobby) Jindal
☐ John Kasich

☐ George Pataki
☐ Rand(al) Paul
☑ Rick Perry  September 11, 2015 oops
☐ Marco Rubio
☐ Rick Santorum

☐ Donald Trump
Scott Walker September 21, 2015

☐ Lincoln Chafee
☐ Hillary Clinton
☐ Lawrence Lessig
☐ Martin O'Malley
☐ Bernie Sanders
☐ Jim Webb

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  1. looking back i wonder if we did not see the shit show coming or just didn't care. sheesh