Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alfombras de Semana Santa

It is important for a larger culture to appreciate the particular beautiful customs of a smaller culture within it. For Holy Week, there are many celebrations which are celebrated by many different nations. In the Spanish speaking world, one is Alfombras de Semana Santa (Carpets of Holy Week). Particularly, there is a love of this in Guatemala. These temporary carpets are trod upon on the Good Friday Procession. Traditionally they are made of flower petals, and all sorts of vegetable/vegetation parts.
For some twenty years, this has been celebrated by the parish of Sacred Heart Chapel in Lorain. This is the second year lovely alfombras were made at la Sagrada Familia Cleveland. Instead of flowers, we do not have a verdant and tropical clime, these are colored saw dust, sand, salt, and flour. Parishioners made individual scenes, surrounded by a common border.

This gives evidence of the beauty of the Faith in symbol and color. We all have some cultural gifts that others can enjoy.

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