Monday, July 14, 2014

some of the bridge is still there

next morning, Interstate 90 Innerbelt bridges

Saturday, 12th of July, 6 o'clock early, most of the remaining steel was detonated to fall. Ohio's Transportation Department wanted people to view from E.14th and Broadway; University and W. 10th, and 11 were better. The east portions went down in the blast. The west bank was not included, i am guessing it was too close to inhabited property.

I did not realise, ODOT, has a facebook page on the bridge with recent collections of foto linkages. The television stations went where the public was told to go, a Plain Dealer photographer went to the west side, and got the better view [click].

Cleveland made the national news three times last week; first the political convention, then the basketball guy [which the local television wants to only cover], and the bridge. The bridge was the most interesting. I overslept, and missed it by fifteen minutes.

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