Friday, July 11, 2014

on the basketball player

Y'no the local television "news" has decided to ignore the rest of the world and instead pine and drool over an athlete (no not one in season). Cleveland is a kiss ass town, a huge soap opera about this?

Several things i object to: 'King James' really?, and o yeah, LBJ was president, this guy is an arrogant jerk. I would like to see him with Donald Trump, well, at least the athlete achieved something with talent; Trump's biggest achievement to success was navigating the birth canal.

Stupid media, "he has never been a team's highest paid player". He would have been in Cleveland for the last four years.

Over an hundred have been killed in Gaza, and how many more in days to come? There is trouble in so many places. So many real events and problems, people and press are fixated on this clown?
this morning's screen grab wkyc-3 webpage

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