Thursday, November 8, 2012

What now GOP? Republicans reflecting

Wow, i can not watch Fox (or so i thought), as Jon Stewart calls it 'Bullshit Mountain', but offensive bullshit; but this is something else. On youtube there are video segments straight from their national broadcast on election night. Fox has to convince, repeatedly, Karl Rove that their shared Republican fantasies do not exist. Another point that they miss, they bring up Ohio in 2004; which they buttress against the polls accuracy, well some still believe the polls were right and tabulation chicanery was done by Rove and Company. Stewart quotes Fox's Megyn Kelly by “By the way, ‘Math You Do As A Republican To Make Yourself Feel Better’ is a much better slogan for Fox than the one they have now”.

If you have visited youtube before, you will notice on the right edge of your screen, there are offered other videos. Here in this case, they should be of similar stuff, just different in length, and at different points of the evening broadcast. But the specificity of some of the comments (the particular areas concerning Cleveland/Cuyahoga county are devastating).

One of the segments is listed as:

Fox News' Megyn Kelly Marches To The Network's Decision Desk in Search of Answers
At about one minute fifty, Fox's staff explains to her that Karl Rove's contention is thoroughly wrong. Before that she says, We didn't plan on doing this...when we rehearsed this we lost audio in our ears”.

Another segment:

Karl Rove Questions Ohio Call for Obama, Electoral Victory
He blithers away quoting numbers that have little significance to the picture.

Similar stuff, with a succinct title:

Karl Rove's election night melt-down over Ohio results on Fox News 
After the 16 minute mark, professional Republican Michael Barone tells Rove,  “...I don't think there is reason to believe that huge Republican territory is waiting to come in there, even if the Republicans carry Parma the famous place with all the bowling alleys and stuff...
Somehow the live facts over rode Fox Tuesday night. This does not happen when there is nothing to rein in their mouthfoamers, management and other personnel. It was rather amazing, they were forced to confront reality; and they did not like it. 
postscriptum a few hours later: Every once in a while a question comes up? Do the professional Republicans actually believe the bullshit they tell? Of course they want the plurality of people to do so. They don't require a majority, quite often to get their way.

Reports have been written that say Mittens expected to win. Only in a fixed game system would i understand that confidence. This is why Turdblossom Rove's performance was so captivating. After Ohio, more states came in for the Democracy. Ohio was superfluous. The Fox gang went out of the way to entertain his palaver.

I expect dishonesty from this tribe. I am not aware of one Republican, at the end, predicting the obvious honest outcome; although months before, when a not Romney was offered, losing forty plus states was a spoken possibility. Did the alternate and fictive reality they create for public consumption...did they also believe?  A smart dope dealer does not use his own junk, when he addicts himself, his world falls apart.

Then there is Donald Trump. He is another that shows why so many millionaires/billionaires have to have had fathers that were millionaires/billionaires. What a tribe.

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