Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Election Night

 President Barack Obama  332 Electoral Votes. Willard Romney 206 Electoral Votes
 Professor Josh Putnam. Davidson College. Frontloading HQ.

The pollster aggregators, Josh Putnam, Nate Silver, Drew Linzer, and Sam Wang were right. The professional bloviators, and reporters who opined were not so right. In the last few days, some were nasty towards Silver (who does a web journal, 538, in the New York Times).

While local news was on several stations in the eastern time zone, the presidential race was called at 11.14 pm. PBS had Chicago's McCormick Place, in the background, cheering the news. Fox [Faux News] was trying to deny the news. Turdblossom (Karl Rove) was spouting fiction concerning Ohio. Romney took a long time to concede. When you surround yourselves with lies, it is difficult to reconcile with reality.

I miss Dan Rather, i really miss Dan Rather. The talking heads were attempting to make this a close, tight contest. There was rubbish about Obama losing the popular vote, then how 'sliver thin' his lead was. Eventually it will be a few million votes, unlike gwbjr's 'win' in the negative difference in 2000.

United States Senate.   Blue = Democratic 25.  Red = Republican  8.
Vermont and Maine were won by independents, whom will caucus with the Democracy

The Senate will return with a greater Democratic majority. Massachusetts will be sending Professor Elizabeth Warren to Congress to reclaim Edward Kennedy's seat from a former nude male model, and shifting prevaricator (scott brown). Ohio will retain Sherrod Brown, who survived through a massive capitalist spending attack that was non stop over two years. He ran against a very young, and dishonest josh mandel. Indiana and Missouri were states the Republicans expected victories, but they chose repugnant idiots and lost. Connecticut had a side show Republican candidate, that spent another some $50 million of her family's money to lose again. George 'Macaca' Allen failed again to reclaim his Virginian seat. 

Heidi Heitkamp won a very close contest in her small state of North Dakota. She survived the meddling of a Catholic bishop. The candidates of the bishopry did not do so well. The public intimidation that attempted to make Masses Republican prayer rallies was not very successful.

Two of the rubber room Republicans went down in defeat in the House. The freshman Joe Walsh lost in Illinois. Allen West, who collected millions nationwide, lost in Florida. The veteran loon Steve King (Iowa) won, the wacko Bachmann, who also collected millions, barely survived. The House through carefully drawn district lines did not change much.  

Ohio lost Betty Sutton to Jim Renacci, where both congressman were in the same district. Ohio was reduced two seats in the congressional delegation. The Republicans controlling the state house and state offices gerrymandered the new districts. They had the two most liberal Democrats (Marcy Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich) primary each other in a new district which contained parts of Toledo and Cleveland on the southern Lake Erie shore. A state issue [#2] to set up a board to design fair districts was trounced; one piece of anti-abortion literature i received was against this measure.

Yankee New England does not have one Republican member in the U.S. House of Representatives. Finding a white Democrat in the South is not a quick exercise.

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