Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How much does Lennon like money?

'rooted in faith--forward in hope' is an attempt to be slick in a shakedown for cash. The same Madison Avenue campaign has been issued elsewhere, but usually not in combination of a clearance of parish properties, and the extermination of parishes. The slip above was passed out to everyone in the pews by a flock of ushers, after a verbal appeal from the ambo/pulpit/lectern.

This capital campaign Lennon has rolled out is stealthy. Lennon delayed it. He wanted it concurrent with the parish closings. It had to wait. It is coming to ALL the surviving parishes, but not at once. Pressure is applied with greater focus.

It was to build a new chancery center. All the priests were called downtown for meetings. They said it was a bad idea to hit the people up then, and for that much. The goals were lowered. When the campaign was announced, other purposes were named. They were vague; and after all, when the money rolls in to the same place, to the same person, ten accounts is no different than one. Shuffle it there, shuffled here, and watch the money roll in.

One interesting portion is that people were encouraged, even pressured to join new parishes. Now as a member of a new parish they are pushed to pungle to the campaign. Economy be damned, pony up the money. Perhaps, the effectiveness of this shakedown will be that elusive gauge that will define 'vibrancy'; but that is no certainty of continuance.

The Hedwig presentation of the partial returns on parish liquidation released preliminary, partial numbers. There is still stuff to be sold. Lennon is in Rome this week, he brought money.

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