Friday, February 10, 2012

Ethnic Cleansing of the American Catholic Church

Harvard Business School on a webpage says of James McKinsey, "McKinsey founded the largest management consulting firm in the world." What sorts of customers come to them? [Pepsi, IBM, GM, GE, Bank of England, Roman Catholic Church, Bundesrepublik Deutschland]. They have over an hundred offices about the world, in more than fifty countries.

McKinsey was an accounting professor at University of Chicago, the first office was in Chicago in 1926. There is an office to-day in Lagos, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Caracas, Cleveland.

Mckinsey & Co. also works with the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Mgt. From their page:
Since 2006, the Leadership Roundtable has worked side by side with bishops, the boards of Catholic nonprofits, diocesan officials, school administrators, and the leadership of religious orders in a variety of different engagements to imagine and implement solutions to pressing and difficult problems.
Recently, a story has broke about a Vatican financial scandal. Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ² cleaned up contracts, and instigated clean accounting practices for the City State. This did not sit well with the hogs that had access to the troughs. ViganĂ² was punished by being sent to the US as papal nuncio. The current, and former presidents of the City State have signed, and published a document denying ViganĂ²'s charges of corruption.

To quote John Allen:
The statement also reaffirms the commitment of the city-state to continue to implement recommendations issued by McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm originally founded in Chicago, which was hired in 2009 to advise the city-state on finance and administration.
This sort of business management advice sold by McKinsey & Co. is the plan of action that these American bishops have employed to liquidate parishes. Our parishes are being stolen from us, in the manner of locust capitalists.

The Church, especially the American Church is run not on the four Gospels of Jesus, or canon law, or two millenia of Christian tradition, but by snot nose MBAs. McKinsey & Co. hires punks straight out of business school. Then they have an "up or out" system, which results in a 25% forced turnover rate yearly. One of their successes became CEO of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling. He is serving a term now of 24 years and 4 months in a federal facility. He had been found guilty on multiple counts of business crimes.

It is not lack of priests, or parishioners; because the quota to start a parish is — 3 —, and to continue — 1 —. There is no priest to parishioner ratio. Finances are irrelevant to legitimacy, although many, especially nationality, parishes have more money than they need; but not more than the bishops want. No, there is a co-ordinated plan for the elimination of such parishes. These mitered princelings detest the nations; they prefer the american, capitalist, business model with bland, interchangeable, homogenous franchises.

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