Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A diamond monstrance

Countess Ludmila of Kolovrat received as a wedding gift, from her third husband, 6,222 diamonds. She had these put into a monstrance for the Loreta shrine in Prague. In 1696-99, in the workshops of Vienna the gems were set in gold, the resultant object was made; it is called the Diamond Monstrance, or the Prague Sun.

In September 1935, the Seventh National Eucharistic Congress was held in Cleveland. The parish monstrance (pictured) belonged to Saint Procop's parish is a replica. The gold is gold, the gemstones are not diamonds. This monstrance was used in that Congress.

With Procop's suppressed this became the property of the diocese. In St. John the Baptist, Akron, on 31 October 2009, Richard Lennon declared that he was the owner of everything in the diocese. A state court decision declared bishops the owner of such in the 19th century, he insisted. What is the estimate of such an object? Several hundred thousand dollars? You will not see this on his internet trading site, perhaps if you have the password.

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