Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lennon continues to peddle goods prematurely

supra: same subject, poor exposure, taller? photographer not affiliated with Lennon
This [left] is a photograph of a statue of Saint Paul. It was taken inside of Saint Peter's Catholic Church, on Superior Avenue, in Cleveland, Ohio. Saint Peter's is currently appealing its attempted suppression by Bishop Richard Lennon. This means the parish is not extinct. ‘Extinction’ is a particular term used in the Canon Law of the Church. Certainly no open, functioning parish is ‘extinct’. This distinction is important, for only after a parish becomes extinct can its patrimony of goods be distributed. Distribution would include the marketing and selling of items, and real estate properties.

This picture was uploaded from the website of St. Paul Catholic Church of Westerville, Ohio. It (donation amount $8,000.) was on the bottom of the third page of a pdf document.

A parish is a juridic person (similar in american law in which a corporation is a person). A parish consists of the people, and their associated goods and property. Upon extinction there is a distribution of goods. If there is an appeal pending, the parish is not extinct and, therefore, there can be no distribution. Hence, sale and marketing of goods are prohibited.

This is a pattern of Lennon, “the self-taught canonist ”.* Saint Stanislaus, Lorain campus was advertised days before its Mass of Eviction. Later when the appealing parish of St. Casimir discovered its property advertised, Lennon’s spokesman, Bob Tayek said a property is never advertised while the church is open. A church in Florida told its parishioners it would be getting Casimir’s windows and bells. Tayek was interviewed, and language was changed. Tayek also spoke to a writer from The Neighborhood News of Garfield Heights. He is quoted as saying, “but we will not market or sell during the appeal.”†

Canon 123 — Upon the extinction of a public juridic person, the allocation of its goods, patrimonial rights, and obligations is governed by law and its statutes; if these give no indication, they go to the juridic person immediately superior, always without prejudice to the intention of the founders and donors and acquired rights. Upon the extinction of a private juridic person, the allocation of its goods and obligations is governed by its own statutes.
Easter morning prior to the last Mass celebrated inside of St. Peter’s Church, Cleveland Ohio. Statue visible on column is that of St. Paul.
*Jason Berry. Render Unto Rome: The Secret Life of Money in the Catholic Church. 2011. p.150, p.278.
Neighborhood News. 18 May 2011. p.3.
Postscriptum: 10 July 2011.
The picture of the statue from St. Peter's is not on the site any longer.
A change of language appears. Where the photograph had been, there is now the phrase "Being hand carved". Still on the website is a September newsletter stating the statue was bought.
Postscriptum: 23 October 2011. This was viewable to-day, and probably for sometime, at St. Paul the Apostle Westerville:

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