Sunday, August 22, 2010

8-20 Hostage Television

Recently, the owner of Fox News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, gave a mere million to the Republican Governor's Association. Just the usual "fair and balanced" manner of his business. At times, in the last few years, one could hardly know whether Faux News wrote the Republican script, or vice versa.

When Russia was under communism, it was said of two big newspapers--Izvestia (News) and Pravda (Truth), "there is no news in Izvestia, and no truth in Pravda". But the russians were not naïve, nor gullible. Fox's relation with news and truth is similar, but Fox has its adherents. As Goebbels was club footed, Faux News is ham fisted. Goebbels was considered intelligent and a fine speaker, while Faux is staffed by bloviating bullies.

Fox cannot be considered a normal news organisation. Fox is pure propaganda. All that is needed to make it complete is a formal merger between the party and business.

Now, I have been to local chain stores where televisions are set up with that channel on. This is a management decision. It goes to the character of the manager. There is a tendency for such individuals to be self-important, paranoid pricks. Fox enthusiasts feel their opinions are not heard enough by the public, and they often proselytise. Many customers are hostage to this. They can complain to the manager, or shop elsewhere. The latter would be bad for their business. That might be a dilemma, which master to serve?

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