Sunday, August 22, 2010

8-19 Ending of a War

To-day a war ended. There is no great jubilation as V-E Day or V-J Day in 1945. The government, and military public relation flim flam called it "Operation Iraqui Freedom", formerly "Operation Iraqui Liberation [OIL]". The world's history books call it the Second American-Iraqui War (or Gulf War), or George Bush Junior's War.

Over four thousand americans were killed, some by their own hand, some by their fellow troops in error. They killed many, many more. Civilians were uncounted, one hundred thousand is the lowest of approximations, and may be several times that. Allied troops and journalists were killed. War is killing.

Many of those returning will suffer for years, and so will their families. There are gold star families that have buried their children. There are wives and children that will be divorced from these soldiers. Readjusting to stateside, to America, will be traumatic for at least some. For some it will be disastrous -- suicide, homelessness, insanity. These servicemen served their country. It was not just time they gave. Their souls were often scarred. One can see the physical wounds, one can see some of the wounded actions. These men will need support.

The war was crafted on lies. Those in the mendacious cabal skated. Much of the public has forgotten the actions that created the cataclysm. The attention of the country is now on the great recession, which in part was caused by the war. Unintended consequences of cause and effect are not appreciated.

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