Friday, December 4, 2009

Let us close vibrant parishes

I attended mid-week, mid-day mass at Saint Robert Bellarmine in Euclid with four dozen other christians. Before mass more than two dozen communally prayed the rosary. A few stayed and prayed after mass. A few gathered with each other and chatted. This is surely evidence of a parish's vibrant, living in action, devotional life.
Some time ago, I attended an early Saturday mass at Saint Louis in Cleveland Heights. In a very spartan (but with several touches of quite evident elegance) atmosphere a warm and pleasant mass as anyone could experience occurred. I doubt that the same feeling has not happened again, and again, and again at Saint Louis.
Holy Trinity in Lorain had parishioners visually prominent attend its neighbouring parishes' (St. Stanislaus and Saints Cyril and Methodius) suppression. They appealed to Rome for their parish. They did not want extinction for themselves or others. They acted with determined solidarity and brotherhood.
These are the next three parishes that were* to be taken by Richard Lennon:
Holy Trinity 2428 Elyria Ave. Lorain on 13 December
St. Robert 23802 Lakeshore Blvd. Euclid on 27 December
St. Louis 2463 North Taylor Rd. Cleveland Heights on 9 January
*Recently St. Vitus (Croat) Lorain has been expedited from 02 28 10 to12 20 09, therefore the original sentence is incorrect. So at the time of writing, St. Vitus is the second next to be taken.

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