Thursday, December 3, 2009

Economic interests lie for themselves constantly

They will lie against common sense. Science, logical thought and scrupulous study are their unforgivable enemies.

The national football league has their own doctors and studies suggesting concussions are not that bad. What simpleton would believe that? The language has the term 'punch drunk' for boxers. So many beatings to the head causes mental damage. Can anyone believe that ten years having one's head bounce around in a helmet as does a clapper in a bell not cause harm?

When someone has done something odd, there is a saying said facetiously like, "Joe has not been the same since he was kicked by that mule". The language of the people has the truth in it, yet the moneyed interests will tell a mendacious story.

Do we not remember the cigarette lawyers, and the doctors, and scientists hired by the tobacco industry that denied smoking causes physical harm? How could someone have not known that smoking was not harmful? Yet, people denied it. Some smokers did too, they could not accept the idea that they were engaging in self-destructive behavior.

To-day we have the petroleum and coal industries, and the Republican politicians, whom, get some of their money, telling the world 'climate change' is a hoax. Have we not been here before? Have we not seen this act? Does not prudence have a rôle?

I was surprised that some people I was acquainted with were so sure that man's activity did not, could not, effect the weather. They also tied this into their anti-Obama paranoia. Perhaps, I can see someone voting Republican, and being for gwbjr and the iraqui war, but why are those issues also in lock step with the anti-science positions. The whole menu is swallowed, there are no à la carte selections. It is for the worship and love of a false god—Mammon, or Mars, or the bitch goddess—Success. Lucre that one will not have, but will worship, none-the-less. All the false gods, it seem, are interchangeable and intermingle. They all live on the same mountain, the same hall.

Here is the fault of an individual's mind: while it is in the self-interest of the moneyed power, the economic interest to lie for his incentive, his profit, his position and to attack anything or anyone that may reduce it; why does the individual, who does not profit, accept all the mendacity? Is Mammon that powerful, that he claims such unshakable devotion?

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