Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Succession of presidents

There was some question in historical analysis and commentary, was gwbjr America's worst president? Some compared him to Harding, no Harding knew he was not up to the office, and died before completing a term. Then to go back before the War of Southern Secession/War to Preserve the Union, Buchanan and Pierce are brought up; but if they were more competent, aware, energetic could they have prevented it anyway? Seeing recent events, no, the desire to keep racial slavery was too strong. Politically, there were the Compromises of 1820 & 1850; and still the tension was to spring. 

gwbjr was the worst president in US history up to 2009. Then came Barack Obama, who was and is being mercilessly attacked by partisans and racists. That smear campaign began the morning after the election of 2008, and has not ended. No, gwbjr is no longer the worst president; that which is there now is. I know many people who have said how horrible Obama is; if they were honest, and most of them are not, they would not say that Obama is "an embarrassment", or he is "terrible", or whatever...they would say, "I hate that a black man is president", or in some cases, "I am so brainwashed, that, i cannot stand for a Democrat to be in office". History will, history is treating Obama kinder. If he did nothing at all, he would be a giant standing between two gobs of _____.

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