Friday, January 19, 2018

Revisiting Nativity of Mary Cleveland

Just recently, i visited Nativity of Mary Cleveland [click], [click]. In a short time it has gotten worse. The scrappers and vandals made progress in three weeks of mostly arctic weather. When they attack, to destroy, it can be done quickly.
 When this this was a Catholic church this is the mural work that was done during a 1958 remodel.
 This "artwork" is from the new year.
 The plastic tops of the spray paint cans are conveniently in reach.
  The pews are neither floating or cantilevered, the sides have been taken.
This cupola has all is copper sheathing gone. There are fotos of the atomic bombings in Japan, where the metal skeleton is all that remains from the dome of a (if i remember correctly, i could search) church.
 There is little copper to steal on the other cupola.

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