Sunday, January 28, 2018

2018 Miscellany #2

Often during Saturday and Sunday mornings there is very little traffic downtown (unless there is a marathon or biking event, and then it's all detours). There is still some stuff to see. The city of Cleveland is doing its damnest to eliminate on street parking. Parking meters are covered up and verboten (parking is free on weekends), other open spots have also become verboten, even on streets that have little traffic on weekdays. On the way to the library, these two people were employed and incognito:
  underneath the spiral staircase in the new library building
Apollo's fire children concert Joseph Gascho harpsichordist
I was having a conversation about picture taking, i said that light is the most important. The best light is in the morning before coffee time (for reference, i was on a job once, and someone asked "when's coffee?"; someone answered, "at 9.30, like its been for the last fifty years in this local"). This morning the light was good on St. Colman. My friend said, "the angle", he had seen some of my fotos.

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