Sunday, July 3, 2016

Amherst Ohio

Perhaps the most famous photograph of World War II was taken on February 23, 1945 by Joe Rosenthal. Two days later it was in Sunday newspapers, and became very well appreciated. It won a Pulitzer Prize in photography.  The six marines raising a flag on Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi were Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, Harold Henry Schultz, Harlon Block, Michael Strank, and Rene Gagnon.  Strank, Block, and Sousley died on the island. Just very recently the Marine Corps has acknowledged Schultz as one of the men. John Bradley was one of the men (a sailor) from an earlier flag raising, and was misidentified. Ira Hayes is remembered in a song Johnny Cash sung. In 1954 Felix de Weldon made a sculpture.

The Knights of the Maccabees were a fraternal organisation and insurance outfit.

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