Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mount Duckmore

Duck tape is manufactured in Avon Ohio. On Father's Day weekend they celebrate. Saturday sees a parade, a good parade. The park grounds contains duck tape sculptures. This year theme was patriotism.
There were pedestals with iconic heroes, and one for the public. A Ghostbuster holds Slimer.
An actor, Joy Unspeakable, mimed as a toy plastic soldier. He traded his weapon, temporarily, with a parade attendee, for a cane. The cane was more playful than the gun.
The company's mascot is a rubber duck. The product is useful, and is a favorite of many people. I have no idea how the company treats its people, but they entertain the community well.
 For a time, this Dalmatian watched the parade from his front lawn.
At then very end of the parade was this kid.
Bay Arts had this truck in the parade. It had seven art panels.

I am not sure, i think the girl may have been Chewbacca. There was a wagon of folks dressed in duck tape costumes of Star Wars characters.


  1. Looks like I missed you this time. Were you there Saturday? That's when I was there -

  2. 'ell-o Kristian,

    Was there only Sunday around parade time. Wore long sleeve tee shirt, and got a bad patch of sunburn on one shoulder.