Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016 Miscellany #2 -- on the cusp of summer

Memorial Day is considered the beginning of the summer season, and celebrations start. This year 'Decoration Day' fell on the 30th, which was the date chosen in 1868. Lake View Cemetery has an annual programme at President Garfield's monument, with historical re-enactors.
 Most people sit on the lawn, and hounds are welcome,
 and some sit on the steps. 

The close was a Garfield descendant piping, 'Amazing Grace'

Sunday at Chagrin Falls an historical ballgame was played. As people walk by, the first thing they notice is "they aren't playing with gloves". Here the hurler of the Forest City Club leaps at a struck ball from the bat of a Canal Fulton Mule.
Eyes of the Tiger 
They played in the outfield of the high school field, since 1865 base ball did not have a separated infield. Ball would be played on an all grass field without a pitcher's mound. The school's nickname is the Tigers, hence the artwork of plastic cups placed in the chain links.
White Percherons, Sassy and Lucy of Spring Mist Farm, pull a carriage in Sunday's parade.

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