Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hell is empty and all the devils will be here

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
― William Shakespeare, The Tempest  I. ii.

There is a push to kiss up to the political occupation that is coming to Cleveland. They want hundreds of volunteers to guide them. Now, think of the moneyed interests they represent, and the locals are requested for free labor to cater them. Propaganda is that this is not a partisan event, but a civic event for the national reputation of Cleveland. Many projects are being undertaken to present both a Potemkin village, and first use for the Republican horde. During their rule, the city will be interrupted and inconvenienced.
 police metal barricades will ring no go areas for the proletariat (screen grab Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Recently the new police enforcement equipment list has become public. The security police state will be commanded by the secret service, and local police will be used as shock troops (if necessary), but mostly a presence to keep things 'in order' so the 'visitors' will not be upset or bothered.

Now, to-day is Super Tuesday and Trump's victories may demand a coronation. Certain Republicans of importance are alarmed by the Donald. The latest issue is a Ku Klux kerfuffle--hey, if racism was not approved of the Republican Party would be a minor item in the southern states. And of course the sabre rattling war fanciers would rather have another ally or pawn of neo-conservatism. All these manipulators would want a brokered convention--opening the hellmouth in Cleveland wider and longer.

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