Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Iowa is coming

The establishment's prime candidate combines loyalty to the tribe with obliviousness, "But my brother—if you did the polling and actually looked at it, he’s probably the most popular president amongst Republicans in this country." This is emblematic of the party. 'Jeb!' looks as uncomfortable as a boring, non-descript, random guy who has been shoved on stage and told "you are running for president, now start campaigning."
Garry Trudeau. Doonesbury.
Also this 'brand loyalty' comes with delusions, often paranoiac. At this point, Donald Trump is the proverbial 800 lb. gorilla.  Many Republicans fear that he will bring down the party. Instead of admitting much of the Republican electorate is enthusiastic about Trump, and Trump reflects their beliefs and fears, they have concocted a conspiracy theory that he (as a crypto-Democrat) is in league with the Clintons. First of allTrump is for Trump, completely. Also, using the 'smear' that he was a Democrat is grasping for invisible straws, Ronnie Reagan was a Democrat too.

Two Republicans (Graham, Pataki) have admitted to themselves that they are wasting their time, and have dropped out. The Iowa event should be the hook for more.

President Obama, yesterday, gave a poignant and modest exposition of his proposed executive order(s) in regards to guns. He made the obvious argument that people's right to live outweighs absolute rights to gun possession and use. Rubio reflexively cried out 'unconstitutional'. Republicans continually show their ignorance and hypocrisy on this, just as they do when confronted with listing the Ten Commandments. Out in Oregon, some out of state gun toting 'constitutionalists' have seized a federal bird sanctuary. The stupid burns.

☐ John (Jeb) Bush
☐ Ben Carson
☐ Chris Christie
☐ Rafael (Ted) Cruz
☐ Carly Fiorina (née Cara Carleton Sneed)

☐ Jim Gilmore
Lindsey Graham December 21, 2015

☐ Mike Huckabee
Piyush (Bobby) Jindal November 17, 2015

☐ John Kasich

☒ George Pataki December 29, 2015
☐ Rand(al) Paul
Rick Perry  September 11, 2015 oops

☐ Marco Rubio
☐ Rick Santorum

☐ Donald Trump
Scott Walker  September 21, 2015


Lincoln Chafee  October 23, 2015

☐ Hillary Clinton
Lawrence Lessig  November 2, 2015
☐ Martin O'Malley
☐ Bernie Sanders
Jim Webb  October 20, 2015

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