Sunday, May 26, 2013

St. Stanislaus Lorain has been sold

The campus of St. Stanislaus Lorain has been sold for circa $210,000.
see Lorain paper story [click
--church, school, convent, rectory

It had been advertised for sale before (asked $525,000) the Mass of Eviction. Stories were run days before by WKYC-TV3 and the Lorain Journal.

St. Stanislaus Lorain Mourned
Tally of suppression -- 56, 57, 58 closures  

Also it is understood that Saint Lawrence Cleveland's remaining campus has been sold. This has not been made public.

postscriptum 22 October 2013: the campus of St. Lawrence was sold.

$100,000.00 Sales Price
  - 20,000.00 Commission
  - 17,335.31 Taxes and Title
$ 62,674.69 Net Sale Proceeds

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