Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Francis and the Wolf


Cud, Sw. Franciszka czyli Wilk z Gubio
Bracie wilku, ponieważ zgadzasz się na to, by zawrzec pokój ze mna, chcę abyś mi przyrzekł, że odtąd nie będziesz szkodził nikomu, ani ludziom ani zwierzętom, i cóż przyrzekasz mi?

                                           Miracle, Saint Francis with the Wolf of Gubbio
Brother Wolf, as you agree in concluding a peace with me, I want you to promise me that from now on you will not harm anyone, not people nor animals, and what do you promise to me?
detail. Luc-Olivier Merson. Le loup d'Agubbio. 1877.  Lille.
This is a portion of a busy painting now in French Flanders, it is in the largest French museum outside of Paris. Brother Wolf is being given a strip of flesh. He is slightly gaunt. He is petted by a smiling girl. Brother Wolf has a nimbus, and a collar of medals and charms. A baby gazes upon him, and a cat is comfortable in his presence.

For the first time, i asked some of my correspondents (10) to comment on the picture above. I found it something to consider, and to let the mind wander upon. No one replied.  

I waste time typing on the internets. Certain things attach my interest more than others.
Francis and the Wolf
This is a portion of a French painting (1877) concerning the legend.
The village of Gubbio was in fear of a great wolf.
Francis told the village "feed your wolf".
I have known of this story for some time, it is in the Fioretti. There is a poem by Ruben Dario of Nicaragua, somewhat skeptical, Los motivos del lobo.
Take a look at the picture, and tell me about it.
 Pope Francis. Alessandro Forlani. Asia. 18 March 2013.

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