Monday, April 1, 2013

By his words

The Scene comes out weekly, it is an alternative paper. It has come to pass, that, it carries a cover story running a few pages, and very little of length or substance beyond that. Most recently [27 Mar], the story was on Richard Lennon, Roman rite Bishop of Cleveland. I am familiar with all those named, and quoted, in the article. Richard Lennon rarely grants interviews. It is a wonder why this one now? Clearly, he wanted to present himself in the best light possible. From close observation of Richard Lennon, the bonhomie he displayed to the writer, Sam Allard (and previously on television, Leon Bibb), is invented. Now, i do not know if Allard acted as a stenographer, or whether he was buffaloed, or perhaps it is the rubbish of 'balance', or not being rude to the somewhat rare opportunity [and there are hints that he may have known with whom he spoke].

These are all quoted and printed words of Richard Lennon:
  • "A place like Sufes was probably wiped out in the 600s by the Muslims, and all the Christians were killed. And so they keep that name. I became an auxiliary bishop in Boston, but just so that it shows I actually have some people, I was the Bishop of the Titular See Sufes."     
  • "You've got urban parishes with people who all live out in the suburbs. And what they'd like to do is go to church down the street, but they feel an obligation to come support. In point of fact, that's a not a parish, that's a drive-through chapel." 
  • "They want me to close them, so I say, 'sure, I'll close you." 
  • "I don't even know the guy, not really. I've tried to talk to him. I've invited him in here many times. Twice he came and left after six minutes."[speaking of Fr. Robert Marrone]
I have very few questions, that, i truly want to have Richard Lennon answer:
  1. Why did you become a priest?
  2. What do you think is the rĂ´le of a bishop?
  3. What is a parish?
Now, concerning Fr. Marrone: Yes, Lennon spoke to him twice; but he spoke with him in a dozen other meetings too. "I don't even know the guy". A damning self-indictment on one hand, and a great prevarication on the other. As bishop he is supposed to know his brother priests. Lennon knew very well, that Marrone was not going to surrender to the extinction of the parish. Lennon had Marrone fully investigated before the suppression, and found nothing damning.

At one time, in the history of the Church, the fate that fell on Sufes was the way that a parish was extinguished, not by an episcopal fiat. "They want me to close them". Hell NO. Eleven succeeded in having his fiat overturned, and previously, two engaged an intense, and quick appeal that led Lennon to rescind his announced closings. Many parishes were coaxed, pressured, and were given the impression that resistance would have been futile. Most assuredly they did not want him to close them, even if he can find some to say this. When the farce meetings of 'clustering' took place, virtually everyone was saying, "when the music stops, and a chair is removed, my parish should stay, and yours should go".

The worst, the most insulting, block headed idiocy in these words of Lennon are, "In point of fact, that's a not a parish, that's a drive-through chapel". Also tie this to the picture that he likes being amongst the people. For every instance Lennon, or a supporter of Lennon can make of liking parishioners, more can be found to show that Lennon does not like parishioners, and is often contemptuous of them. Many people love the parish, and the parish community. Some have been there for generations, and have no desire of leaving. It is a good thing that people drive into the old urban neighborhood. In many instances, the parish churches hold the neighborhood from greater disintegration. Staying in the city has become part of the christian mission. People in the suburbs, also drive to suburban churches. Very few walk anywhere. What is it to the car's tires to which road it rolls along? Some even drive to Lennon's cathedral, who lives in that neighborhood? O, the homeless.

In point of fact, Lennon has no idea what a parish is. Lennon does not want to admit Rome found him wrong. Rome found the parishioners right. Rome told Lennon he is not the only Catholic in the diocese.

For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. — Matthew xviii. 20.

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