Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cardinal Mahony, Stay Home

Just before Pope Benedict’s surprising announcement of resignation, Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles announced that his predecessor, Cardinal Mahony would not be allowed to participate in public ministry in the archdiocese. This is due to recently released documents that further implicate the Cardinal in a cover-up in the Church’s sex abuse scandal.
If a Cardinal is stripped of public ministry in his diocese, why should he be rewarded with being allowed to vote for the next pope? Cardinal Mahony would further increase the scandal and shame in our Church by attending the Papal Conclave. Sign our petition today asking Cardinal Mahony to stay home during the Papal Conclave.

Dear Cardinal Mahony:
Your further implication in the Church sex abuse scandal and being barred from public ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles should be an indication to you that you should not attend the next Papal Conclave.

As faithful Catholics and people of faith who love the Church, we ask that you refrain from attending the Papal Conclave and recuse yourself from voting for the next Pope.

Please do not bring further scandal to our Church that has already been rocked by the sex abuse crisis by attending the Papal Conclave. You have been disciplined and you have lost your ability to have a voice within our Church.

  This is from a petition to sign [click]:

Catholics United
P.O. Box 33524
Washington, DC 20033
United States

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Respond to Tone-Deaf Statement from Archdiocese

Posted February 15, 2013

Archbishop Gomez endorses Cardinal Mahony’s church-sponsored trip to Vatican despite growing call to stay home
WASHINGTON – The Archdiocese of Los Angeles released a statement this afternoon supporting Cardinal Roger Mahony’s participation in the upcoming papal conclave, despite recent revelations of child sex abuse cover-ups that occurred under his tenure as leader of the archdiocese. Catholics United is leading a nationwide effort to encourage Cardinal Mahony to do the right thing for the victims of child sex abuse and recuse himself from the conclave.
The petition can be found at http://www.Catholics-United.org/mahony-petition
CU Executive Director James Salt released the following statement:
“Archbishop Gomez’s support for Cardinal Mahony’s participation in the papal conclave demonstrates the crisis of leadership within American Catholicism. Instead of defending the dignity of abuse victims, Archbishop Gomez has chosen to protect the hierarchy first. He clearly does not understand the pervasive hurt and anger within his flock.

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