Tuesday, August 1, 2017

East 55 & Euclid

Murals are being painted around Cleveland. Some good, like this one. Saturday, at the moment i was the passenger saw a woman painting standing on a lift. To-day, Tuesday, it looks done.

Also at the intersection, this railroad bridge passes over, and its paint is holding. It has Kekule molecules, and the background color changes along the span. East 55th is a long straight road that comes out of the lake and crosses every important avenue on the east side. Euclid Avenue (once Millionaires' Row) is a damn mess. It starts from a corner of Public Square and continues outward. Before one gets out of downtown, one is ticked. Limited access, limited turns, consecutive red lights, bus lane, light train track in the median. Then to the Cleveland Clinic (which now calls many of the shots in town), then to Case Western and University Hospital and University Circle, and then new construction to Lake View Cemetery (buy now the train and bus lanes are gone), but then the bombed out zone of East Cleveland (perhaps you would want good shock absorbers).

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