Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dragon boat race

Before you race, the boats need to be loaded with people.
It was rainy, and the boats acted as pots. Bailing was necessary.
 Drummer waits in dock.

  Next teams wait in queue.

There were fourteen teams, this year. Past winners have been from Pittsburgh and Canada. Other than rain delays, there was a delay for a cruise ship to be boarded. This is the beginning of one of the delayed heats. There would three rounds, and three teams in the final.  Of course this is competitive, but it is fun first. Some of the team monikers point to that: Team Panda, Blazing Paddles, Raiders of the Lost Paddle, and several Dragons. I have said, Rocco's grease pole climb was a great sporting event; so is this.
Some of the teams play for cancer survivors. Dragon boat racing has been prescribed for post breast surgery patients to regain strength.


  1. Are there vendors and food at this festival? I remember they had hot dogs one year but I haven't stayed current.

  2. tee shirts, one saloon selling food in a kiosk, not much commerce