Sunday, January 3, 2016

La Befana

La Befana arrives on Epifania, and at the end of Mass in Cleveland's Pico Italia's Holy Rosary she was there.  First she needs to do a little sweeping in church. Then she speaks to the children. Then she has gifts to give. Different cultures use different characters to be the gift giver to children. The Italians have la Befana, other people have St. Nicholas, the Three Kings, the Christ Child...

Nel vecchio paese, l'Italia, lei spazza...In the old country, Italy, she sweeps the house after she comes down the chimney to leave gifts. She was sweeping her house as the Three Kings went by to Bethlehem, and she missed going to see the Infant Jesus.


postscriptum 9 January: Yea, a few friends saw these pictures and asked, "What's with the lady with the broom?". No one remarked "witch", nor asked about obsessive compulsion. So much of cultural folklore is unknown to people.

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