Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ja, Cleveland hat 99 Luftballons

To celebrate 99 years of the Cultural Gardens in Cleveland, the German Garden celebrated to-day.  Die Donauschwäbische Blaskapelle (Danube Swabian  Brass Band) played a mini-concert in front of the Goethe-Schiller monument. The statue is older than the park, it was moved from Wade Park. An older man was quizzing a child about who the two men were. The kid said, "Jefferson and Washington".  The finale was a rendition of the 1983 anti-war song '99 Luftballons' done by Nena.

This was a great idea. The organisers listened to the whines and moans of facebook respondees, and did not have the balloons released. The EPA, the aeroport, and other agencies were fine with it, but the squeaky wheel got greased. Yesterday, East Boulevard began road construction for 120 days, and noise from vehicles was noticeable, and the road was one lane. This was a great event, it brought out a few photographers and press. Few people outside of members of the several cultural gardens were there for the fun, even with food provided.
This little girl in a dirndl was very happy, and active, and a photographic model and subject for several people.
eine der wenigen freien Luftballons
This Luftballon was not mistaken for an UFO, and was not shot down.

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