Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the 'J' word

WJW-TV8 runs five and an half hours of a weekday morning 'news' show. It is currently owned by the company that owns the Chicago Tribune, and other properties; and it is a 'Fox' affiliate. As of late it has become softer and fluffier. The personalities of the presenters and readers is emphasised. This week, a contest finding body doubles of some ten or so of the on air personalities has culminated.

[Yesterday, the station's senior weatherman turned eighty-four. They presented him with a life size ice sculpture outside the building. The recently new four o'clock afternoon is anchored by a beyond perky former cheerleader (she may say more syllables per minute than any local teevee person), and a fellow with greased hair that constantly mugs for the camera. The senior station 'anchorman' has been mugger in chief for years...performing as a bigger dolt than the fictional Ted Baxter. Every day the station has moments that would embarrass Sesame Street]

Well, one of the company, used the 'J' word. Yes, we know the term “the 'J' word” has not existed before. Monday she said it, and it went viral throughout social media and internet journalism. The Tribune company has vigorously enforced copyright to remove the video. Tuesday, she apologised. Tuesday she met with black ministers. Wednesday she was suspended for the remainder of the week.

Here is my transcript of the word heard around the English speaking world:
Kristi Capel responds to Wayne Dawson’s summation of the singing tribute to Julie Andrew’s role in the 'Sound of Music' as beautifully sung at the Oscars show the night before. “It was wonderful.”
“It’s very impressive, though isn't it ?”, affirmatively asks Wayne Dawson. 

“It’s hard to really hear her voice [Wayne interjects, 'Lady Gaga'] with all the jig-a-boo [Wayne softly says prematurely, 'Yeah'] music [Wayne has an uncomfortable chuckle], that she duh... whatever you want to call it,” Kristi said, while rotating her hands out to the side like turning propellers, and giggling. “Jigaboo.”

“Yeah she has a nice voice, agrees Wayne.

“She’s a gorgeous voice. I never knew. Very nice. [Wayne nods and smiles] All right, six twenty-two this morning [Wayne looks back at her and smiles as thoughts (and maybe pity) go through his mind]. Lets check in with Patty. Theres some problems upstairs.” 

So now there is a s*#^ storm. Here are some exculpating facts and sense:
  • they were engaging in light chit chat, a constant
  • they were in agreement
  • Wayne Dawson (a black man) knows her well enough
  • Wayne Dawson has come out and supported her
  • they have five and an half hours to fill
  • hard incisive news is not what is expected or delivered
  • it is a 'Fox' affiliate; 'Fox' as programme de rigeur says blatantly and purposely irresponsible things constantly without consequence or apology; this was NOT that
  • the unflattering defense: Kristi Capel had a volleyball scholarship to an Assemblies of God college; she won a Miss Missouri beauty pageant; she was hired for her good looks, and her light and bubbly personality; she came to the station as a traffic reporter
  • very few people Kristi Capel’s age are familiar with the term, and she used it to describe the bizarre style that created Lady Gaga's original prominence which was not displayed in the discussed performance, it appears Kristi was ignorant of it as a race term of disparagement
Now, Kristi is very innocuous (and perhaps genuinely sweet). Up to this point, her career and life looked happy, easy, and smooth. Now this. There are many people now instantly angry. Yet, evil, bloody, murderous Dick Cheney is free to lie, and is not punished for his sadism.

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