Tuesday, November 4, 2014

vote and upset republicans

And by the way, John Kasich is a fraud. He is an arrogant prick, who can now pretend on camera to be human. When he was in the House with Gingrich, he could not.

The Republican shit finders were thorough. They found every ticket and every unpaid bill a Democrat had, and then ran ominous commercials without end. Their great find was Fitzgerald's lack of a driver's license. So, the Democratic candidate was wounded, and thereby a drag on the entire ticket.

The double standard in elections is obvious to the interested neutrals. A Democrat has to win, practically, any and every point brought up as criterion. The Republicans can choose point(s) that are to be contested, and the press can make them important.

The ominous theme throughout the land has been the successful Republican processes to restrict the electorate. This is the thing for each state: Secretary of State is not a position to be trusted with Republicans, because they cheat. Attorney General is another, for powerful money interests will not be investigated often for their crimes.
Postscriptum 8 a.m. November 6: The Fascists rolled in and won damn near everything. Only the carpetbagger nude model lost in New Hampshire. Yes, it is good he lost. He is a lying piece of excrement, but the psychotics and the vicious feasted. Governors that were embarrassing and destroying their states won, only Pennsylvania ousted their disaster. The press does not suggest how wretched the results are. The next two years the barrels of crazy will leak out of the bunghole.

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