Thursday, February 10, 2011

Republican wave collapsing

The timing was very fortunate for the Republicans. Their popularity hit a crest in early November, it is down hill now. The gains they made throughout the nation were very impressive. They control more states than before. They will gain through redistricting.

In Ohio, the wretched John Kasich is governor. He has within his first month shown how he will conduct business [in secret and benefiting those with money, while attacking those without]. Boehner is Speaker of the House. Now, if the Democrats acted as Republicans they would start impeachment campaigns.

The president has made gains in stature and popularity. His level of aloofness hurt the Democracy. The Democracy was going to suffer losses and Obama's relative disinterest in fighting made matters worse.

After the Arizona assassination attempt, some Repukes have curbed their vile tongues, after loudly affirming their vicious vitriol serves the public. To-day, there is news Kyl, who made that affirmation, a senator from Arizona and the second 'man' [Miss McConnell is first] in the Republican Senate power structure, is not seeking re-election.

An odd development happened overnight. Chris Lee a multi-millionaire Repuke from the Buffalo suburbs resigned from Congress. He had just won his first re-election. This is surprising in the extreme. Not because of the moral hypocrisy of a "family values" man wanting to cat around. Republicans have no problem with hypocrisy. They have only some problem getting caught. Senator Diaper Dave Vitter was caught using prostitution services [more than once], he won easy re-election. Mark Sanford [(R-naturally) governor S. Car.] finished his term, his wife refused to stand beside him. She did not have to, she held the money. Senator Larry Craig [(R-naturally), Idaho] finished his term after engaging in rude behavior in an airport toilet.

Why did Lee resign so fast? After all, being a Republican is never having to say, "I'm sorry".

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