Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loyalty to person or justice

Judge not according to the appearance: but judge just judgment. — John vii. 24.
Even people who ought to know better do it. Every man is responsible for his actions. It is said, that americans do not read enough. I am wont to believe those that do read, read too much rubbish. It's impossible to supervise. One would be able to shame them, but americans do not know shame. Albert Camus wrote in The Fall, that the Last Judgment takes place now, every moment.
"Do not wait for the last judgment. It takes place every day."
Now, what i find vexing is that we are a supposedly democratic people, and christianity (especially catholicism) is supposed to be a communal religion, and many of us give every possible benefit of doubt, and profess subservience to at least some of our leaders as if they were absolute monarchs and our masters. This is done counter to evidence, and betraying justice.

gwbushjr has released a book of deception to re-write history according to his will. This criminal is not allowed to be accused in "polite" society. He was a miserable failure, who came dubiously to power, and lied to create war, and ruined the domestic economy. He recognised no law.

Locally, criticism of Bishop Lennon has been discouraged and suppressed. It has been suppressed by even those whom have been harmed by him, and those whom have publicly questioned his actions.

There are catholics who regard loyalty to Lennon as part of the faith. It is not. Lennon is a man accountable to God; he does not get an exemption by benefit of office.

When he lies it is no less wrong than when one of us lie. He is to be judged as is every man.

Some have suggested, that, to criticise his lordship, publicly, does harm to the faith. No. His bad actions do harm to the faith. To suggest one should collude in silence, or in deception, to protect his prestige, and the office is more than absurd, it is wrong (sinful).

Some have demanded, that, we must obey him. They start from the point that the bishop is the standard bearer of belief. In ages past we have had times in history where the minority of bishops were catholic. Were catholics in non-catholic (arian, nestorian, gnostic) dioceses wrong to maintain catholicity, when this conflicted with their rightful bishop? We have had bishops whom were political appointees of the state, and acted in the interest of the state, and neglected ecclesiastic service completely, except for ceremony and title. If a bishop were to teach four persons in the Godhead, would that be our belief? No, a catholic is not bound to follow every bishop that comes his way. The Bishop of Rome, alone, is infallible, and that particular privilege has been made twice. The church has had bishops who taught heresy, others who became schismatic, others that were depraved. Should they be honored and obeyed because of their office? No.

Lennon has done more harm to the diocese of Cleveland than any man in its history. He may very well be gone soon, and still he is treated gently. The Scene, a free weekly, has ran two articles on the "reconfiguration": one after St. Andrew was levelled, and one on the parish that continued in the street (St. Casimir). Their management does not want another, and they do not want their writers to go 'hard' on Lennon. They run pages of risqué advertisements, but are timid in being critical about Lennon?

Several media outlets have photographs and video they won't run, because it would be perceived as unfavorable to the bishop. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has been sitting on an expected major article; they have chosen not to cover several stories that would embarrass or question Lennon's authority, judgments and actions. Wednesday evening WJW-8 is expected to have a story on his lordship. Will it finally run? Both these expected stories are to touch on his demeanor and rapport with parishioners in private. I have heard of story, after story, after story, of his dismissive and incredible arrogance, pettiness and meanness. I have witnessed a small portion.

It would be polite to wish him farewell and good tidings. Hell no! His departure has been long delayed. His damage enduring.
Let all them be confounded that act unjust things without cause. — Psalm 24:4a DRC

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