Wednesday, September 9, 2009

President Obama attempts to be heard

Look, Barack Obama is the legal, legitimate president de facto and dejure. There had not been one since the last day of William Clinton's tenure. In that interval great harm was done to the nation and the world.

The vociferous, mouthfoaming Republicans have made ridiculous attacks on the president's talk to schoolchildren. They claim it would be partisan [work, study, achieve], a claim they did not make against GHW Bush or Ronnie Reagan, whom proceeded to spin his political tale. No, the Republicans do not want the mantle of the presidency, to be seen by students, associated with Mr. Obama. Obama has too much gravitas, especially compared to the fraud he succeeded, the comparison is just too great.

The Arlington school district of Texas refused the public viewing, they are scheduling to bus children to see george bushjr and Republican businessmen. They will not admit the irony or the double standard. No matter how often or blatant the hypocrisy, they never seem to see it. They continue to yell that they are victimised. They never acknowledge any transgressions.

I am involved in a parish, which is in turmoil, it is divided between conservative Republicans and insane Republicans. The insane ones use the same tactics as the Obama haters and other mouthfoaming hypocritical zealots. They are a party of pharisees.

To-night the president will speak on the three traditional broadcast stations. He is blacklisted on the propaganda network owned by Rupert Murdock.

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