Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cleveland's Christmas Story

Part of the film "A Christmas Story"[released 1983] was filmed in Cleveland. Someone has bought the house of the main characters in the film, and some surrounding property. It is now a tourist destination. And there is a yearly race, in which some of the runners come in costume. This year, two days before the race, a twenty foot balloon of Ralphie Parker in pink bunny pajamas appeared. People posed next to it, and this one on Friday was in uniform.
I missed to-day's activities, maybe next year.
The story was set in Hohman (Hammond) Indiana, much of the filming was in Ontario. A restored firetruck was added with a logo for the Cleveland campus.
The house in the near west side of Cleveland is on West 11th, the fictive street was Cleveland Street.
There were stained glass portraits of a bloodhound hanging in two windows, but the glare and reflection on the house windows on this dreary day did not foto well.
Behind, and below, the (Bumpus Guest House) next door neighbor house's fence is a steel mill.

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