Thursday, October 19, 2017

perhaps Perez

Cleveland's new Roman-rite bishop is Nelson Perez. He is visiting parishes about the diocese. Wednesday night, he came to St. Stanislaus. It was for all the east side parishes, the night before he was in Chardon for the eastern counties. The difference between him and his predecessor can be seen in this foto. He came away from the ambo (lectern), did not stand in the pulpit. He thanked everybody, made comment on how good the church looks. He smiled, and quoted Pope Francis on how sad and sour so many Christians look. He spoke of how John XXIII empowered the laity. He spoke on the importance and primacy of the parishes. It was not a chore to listen to him. He mentioned bishops are successors to the apostles, and what a sorry lot they were. After Mass he stayed for a long time in the cafeteria, and posed for pictures. Bishop Perez looks comfortable, and approachable. He had no security, no entourage. He did not look too happy when i said to him, the area needs healing, on account of his predecessor [Richard Lennon] and his minions had done great harm.

I read the diocese's press release, and they quoted other parts of his homily, and emphasised another aspect of the first apostles. People downtown are still in the mold and mode of the previous bishop. I was told by a priest, Bishop Nelson told the downtown staff that they exist for the parishes, and not the other way around.

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